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Welcome to the wonderful world of YogurtNest in the UK

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How to start creating delicious, homemade yoghurt with your YogurtNest

What is a YogurtNest?

YogurtNest can be a yoghurt maker, a slow cooker, a tool for proving dough and somewhere to keep food cool or warm. It can be used at home, when camping and is perfect for keeping food fresh at the beach or the park. It's a culinary Swiss Army Knife.

YogurtNest is not a gimmick. It's not something you use once and then resign to the back of the cupboard. YogurtNest is an opportunity to make a difference. YogurtNest is a lifestyle choice, a mindset. YogurtNest is, simply, a game-changer.  Making yoghurt in your own home couldn't be easier.

New family. New routine.

"With a growing household we were keen to take control of our food-making routine and the YogurtNest has been perfect, and so easy to fit around our busy schedule"

Guy (owner of a Light Charcoal Baby)

The experienced home cook

"I have always loved experimenting with food, and with the Yogurtnest I can explore new creations that I haven't experienced before"

Sarah (owner of a Sortelha)

Yoghurt or Yogurt?

In the UK we generally say 'yoghurt'. The rest of the world, it seems, mostly say 'yogurt' (no 'h' involved). Does it matter? Not really. We all know what it means, right? YogurtNest, the brand, was founded in Portugal - they don't use an 'h'. This being the UK website we've gone with 'yoghurt' whenever talking about the food because us Brits do seem to get a lot of pleasure from pointing out spelling mistakes, and the thought of regular clever-clogs pointing out that "actually in the UK we spell it with an 'h'" was too much to bare. We're fun like that. Anyway, I think we've tied ourselves in a suitable knot with this explanation.

For Positive Futures.

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