How to make Greek Yoghurt

The Better Cloth is a simple accessory that beautifully complements your YogurtNest, adding extra capability and experimentation potential to preparing food at home.

It's primary use is for straining your homemade yoghurt, adding an extra step to the process so that you can make thick, luxurious Greek Yoghurt. How do you use it for this? It's very simple!

  1. Line a sieve with your Better Cloth, securing it with a couple of pegs, and place it all over an empty glass bowl or jug.
  2. Pour your homemade yoghurt into the cloth.
  3. Almost immediately you will see the liquid whey from the yoghurt begin to separate through the cloth and collect in the bowl below.
  4. Leave it like this for a couple of hours (or overnight), occasionally stirring the yoghurt, and you will be left with a thicker, creamier Greek-style yoghurt in the cloth and a bowl full of whey liquid. Don't throw this liquid away!

    If your yoghurt is fresh out of the Nest and you'd like it to be a bit thicker, then just 30 minutes in the Better Cloth will help a great deal to reduce the amount of liquid. Afterwards, spoon it back into your jar and give it a gentle stir so that the yoghurt is nice and smooth before using.

We recommend putting some fruit coulis (Loganberry is a personal favourite) into the base of a few ramekins, topping off with your homemade Greek yoghurt and chill it for breakfast. So good!

Now, about that liquid. That whey liquid you created has a whole host of great uses. These include:

  • Prolonging the life of feta or mozzarella cheese once their packets have been opened.
  • As an ingredient in pancake mix.
  • As an ingredient in gingerbread dough.
  • As an ingredient in naan bread dough.
  • Filtering your homemade dairy-free milk.

It's also perfect for wrapping sandwiches, wrapping or covering your dough for proving and carrying healthy snacks. Just remember to keep it clean, only use it for food and to wash after every use.

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