Using your Classic YogurtNest as a Slow Cooker

It's no secret that the YogurtNest is a quiet, modest multi-tool of the kitchen. In spite of its lack of buttons, plugs and cables it's certainly not lacking in functions. In the past we've talked about making yoghurt (obviously!) and how you can prove dough, but did you know that our Classic models also work like a slow cooker? 

Perhaps not in the modern-day sense that we have come to recognise as a 'slow cooker', but in a way that lets us finish dishes and reduce the amount of time that we require the gas or electricity to be turned on, thus saving energy and money. Good for the environment and kind on your wallet. 

The process is simple.

Get your food started in the normal way, by bringing it up to temperature and boiling for a short time, before removing it from the heat, wrapping the pot or pan in a cloth and, with the lid kept on, placing it carefully into your YogurtNest. Pull the cord tight and leave for the desired cooking time.

It should be possible to place a pot up to 20cm in diameter into the YogurtNest vertically, however you can also place the YogurtNest on its side and slide the pot in that way. And even if your pan has a standard handle, you can lay the YogurtNest on its side and slide the pan in, closing the cord and creating a good seal that locks in the heat. Never fear of leaving a pan too long on the heat only to return and discover a burnt mess stuck to the pan.

Here's a simple reference table for different foods that you can use as a guide for how to leave your pot in the YogurtNest.

Dish Boiling Time YogurtNest Time
White Rice 3 15
Brown Ride 10 40
Quinoa 10 10
Cous Cous Add boiling water 10
Bulgar 5 10
Millett 5 10
Buckwheat 7 10
Pasta 3 10
Soup 10 30
Vegetables 10 25

Finishing cooking white rice in a YogurtNest Sortelha

Here's our Sortelha YogurtNest with a saucepan handle poking out. We cooked white rice this way using the timings indicated in the table above and it came out perfectly.

YogurtNest on its side cooking white rice in a saucepan

You can browse our collection of Classic YogurtNests and please feel free to share your cooking experiments on either our Facebook or Instagram pages.