Welcome to YogurtNest UK

Welcome to the wonderful world of YogurtNest in the UK.

At a time when we could all be looking at how we go about being more efficient and environmentally aware, helping where possible to reduce single-use plastic and lower the amount of energy we all use, YogurtNest is a great tool to achieve a more sustainable way of living.

YogurtNest is handmade in Portugal using vintage fabrics and cork. It can be used to make tasty homemade yoghurt (dairy or plant-based), as a slow cooker to prepare rice, pasta and risotto dishes, will keep food warm or cool and is a perfect environment for proving dough.

In the UK we are all guilty of taking the easy option, choosing convenience over experimentation, resulting in houses filled with single-use plastic. It's true that we are slowing switching on to the realisation that we should be shopping for and preparing food more conscientiously and there's a great deal of satisfaction that comes with that. Furthermore, it really is no less convenient. Once you start making your own yoghurt at home there's no need to buy more from the shop. We don't want to shame anyone for their choices and undoubtedly it would quickly become unhealthy to beat yourself up about every purchase or decision you make with regards to being sustainable - just about everything leaves a footprint of some sort. But there are simple changes we could all make that are well within our grasp and that will ultimately save energy, save money and give you much greater control of your own ingredients at no cost to flavour experience. In fact, preparing your own food (yoghurt especially) is much richer and more rewarding, and ultimately more tasty as a result of doing it yourself.

So, enjoy looking around our website, check out the recipes and FAQs and if you have any questions feel free to drop us a line to hello@yogurtnest.co.uk.