YogurtNest UK Vegan Week Day 5: Hemp and Oat Milk Yoghurt

Rounding out our vegan week of dairy-free alternative yoghurts, here we show how easy it is to make a smooth yoghurt using hemp or oat milk. Really the process is very similar to how we made the other plant-based yoghurts, but it's nice to show that there are many, many options to suit your preferred tastes.

For oat yoghurt it's easy to make your own milk, rather than buy from the shop, although if you do buy remember to look for the highest percentage of oats and the least additives. Simply blend 250ml of rolled oats with 750ml of water for about 40 seconds, then strain the mixture through your better cloth. Don't be tempted to over-blitz the mixture because it can lead to a more slimy consistency. 

Method: (For both hemp and oat milk we did the same thing)

  • Pour 250ml of milk into a saucepan.
  • Sprinkle the thickener on top - we used 10 grams of arrowroot - and whisk thoroughly until well combined and all lumps have dissolved.
  • Heat to boiling, stirring throughout to avoid the milk from scorching in the pan.
  • As the pan gets hotter so the arrowroot will start to do its job and the milk will thicken significantly.
  • Pour into a jar and leave to cool down to between 45 and 50 degrees.
  • Add your starter cultures - either a teaspoon of a live plant-based yoghurt such as soya, or a starter capsule/sachet - and gently stir it into the milk.
  • Put the lid securely on the jar and put it in the YogurtNest for 6 hours.

Personally, we find the hemp milk to be quite bland with not a lot of depth, so preferred to add fruit and flavour with a bit more tang. For the topping we quickly pulped some fresh blackcurrants and drizzled a touch of maple syrup, but you might find it nice to stir in a dash of vanilla.

Hemp yoghurt with blackcurrants

Close up of hemp yoghurt with blackcurrants

The oat milk has a touch of natural sweetness so we left the fruit to one side (although bananas go very well with this combo) and topped with some 100% cocoa powder and chia seeds. 

Oat milk with chia and cocoa dust

Oat yoghurt with chia and cocoa close up