What is a YogurtNest?

At a glance the relatively understated, albeit beautifully made, YogurtNest looks not too dissimilar to an attractive, artisan bag, and yet this modest tool is the ideal key to unlocking a more sustainable, healthy and happier way to make and prepare your own yoghurt, whether dairy or plant-based. Here in the UK it's all too easy to maintain a routine of reaching for the same items when we go to the supermarket, but it's a cycle that can be broken. We're not trying to attach guilt or stigma to buying products that use plastics, but once you have started the ball rolling with a YogurtNest the satisfaction, cost-saving and ease of making your own food should give you the confidence to start experimenting with some tasty new creations.

Light Charcoal YogurtNest

Understand its potential and the YogurtNest quickly becomes central to how you think about food. So, let's explore the possibilities...

  • Make only what you need, without waste or excess. Our Classic YogurtNests have a 3.5-litre capacity, so you can make anything from a small jar up to enough yoghurt to feed an army of hungry children. 
  • Experience the immense satisfaction of reducing your waste by reusing the same glass jars again and again.
  • Possibilities are endless! Whatever your diet - vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian - you can choose between dairy (cow, sheep, goat, whole milk, skimmed milk, lactose-free) or non-dairy and plant-based alternatives (soy, oats, rice, almond or coconut) to suit your needs.
  • Enjoy making dips, yoghurts, cheesecakes or dressings and invite your friends to proudly show off your new culinary skills!
  • Don't feel restricted by the walls of your own home. YogurtNest is the perfect companion for road trips, camping adventures or long days out, so that your healthy, nutritious creations can be enjoyed anywhere.
  • There are no plugs, no cables and no buttons or plastic parts, and your tasty yoghurt will be ready in just 6 hours.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg!

  • The Classic sized YogurtNest works as a slow cooker, perfect for rice, pasta, soup or stew, and finishing the cooking without the need for power means you are reducing your energy use (and bills!). And if you happen to get sidetracked, there's no risk of the food burning or sticking to the pan. We've all been there, right?
  • The cork filling is a great insulator that will keep food warm or cool when you are heading out of the house, perhaps to the park, to the beach or to the hills.
  • Furthermore, it creates the ideal atmosphere for proving your bread and pizza dough. Unlike The Great British Bake-off, we don't all have the luxury of a proving drawer, but thanks to the YogurtNest you can leave your dough to rise and grow in preparation for baking. 

To find out more check out our articles for some sumptuous recipe ideas and visit the shop to choose your perfect YogurtNest.