Arga Baby

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The Arga Baby YogurtNest yoghurt maker derives its name from the Serra de Arga mountains, in the Minho Province of Northern Portugal. It's an area rich in flora and fauna that refreshes the senses with babbling streams, sweet pine-scented air and mystical paths through rustic countryside. It takes you on a journey from the wild Atlantic coast to the secluded and traditional mountains. The heavy wool fabric seems to have an infinite range of greens, reflecting the earthy, diverse and natural splendour of the greenest region in Portugal and would not look out of place in a remote mountain hut. It is a handmade multi-tool for the future that brings us back to the traditional methods of making healthy, delicious food. 

The smaller size is neat and compact enough for travel (perfect for camping!) or smaller households and yet still offers the same high quality yoghurt-making possibilities, the same thermal insulation for keeping food warm or cool and is ideal for proving your next pizza dough.

Most often purchased with a Better Cloth for making Greek Yoghurt.

Additional information:

  • The most efficient and versatile yoghurt maker you’ll ever find
  • Lightweight
  • Non-electric
  • Handmade using naturally-sourced materials: Rustic wool exterior with a checked lining and cork filling
  • Made to last
  • A multi-function tool (yoghurt maker; cooler; nest for proving bread and pizza dough)
  • May be used at home, outside or while travelling
  • Capacity: 1.5 litres 
  • Dimensions: 30cm high; 25cm diameter;
  • Made in Portugal.

Handmade - cork filled with a cotton denim fabric and cotton cord

Machine washable on cool setting / air dry

What's included: YogurtNest, bonnet/cap, instructions