Baleal Baby

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Part of the Baby Collection this Baleal YogurtNest is a more compact version of the Classic size with a capacity of 1.5-litres, making it perfect for smaller households or adventures away from the home, to the beach, the mountains or moors. It still has the same capabilities for making healthy, tasty food as its larger siblings and you may find that it is a great size for keeping a packed lunch cool or warm.

The Baleal peninsula lies to the north of the coastal town of Peniche in Central Portugal and is connected to the mainland by a sand spit creating a beautiful beach of fine, white sand. 

Most often purchased with a Better Cloth for making Greek Yoghurt.

Additional information:

  • The most efficient and versatile yoghurt maker you’ll ever find
  • Lightweight
  • Non-electric
  • Handmade using naturally-sourced materials: cotton exterior with a cork interior
  • Made to last
  • A multi-function tool (yoghurt maker; cooler; nest for proving dough)
  • Can be used at home, outside or while travelling
  • Capacity: 1.5 litres 
  • Dimensions: 30cm high; 25cm diameter;
  • Made in Portugal.

Handmade - cork filled with a cotton fabric and cotton cord

Machine washable on cool setting / air dry

What's included: YogurtNest, bonnet/cap, instructions